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Grades 4-6 Resources

  • Use Tomatosphere™ to develop key cross-curricular concepts and skills of inquiry
  • Extend student learning beyond the Seed Investigation

Conducting the Seed Investigation

Seed Investigation - Step-by-step Guide

Example Scenario

One way to kick off the Tomatosphere™ Seed Investigation is by presenting students with a fictional scenario that provides an explanation as to why some tomato seeds might have been exposed to space or space-like conditions.

Use this ready-made Scenario Storyboard and have students create illustrations to accompany the storyboard text.

Tomato Trouble

Flesch-Kincaid reading ease score = 87.2, reading level = grade 5

A spaceship is going to Mars.
Inside the spaceship are astronauts.
The spaceship carries important supplies in bins.
The bins are on the outside of the spaceship.
Suddenly an alarm rings!

Full Scenario:

pdf doc
Students look at tomato plant leaves


The Tomatosphere™ Seed Investigation provides many opportunities for students to develop inquiry skills. Below are some quick links to ready-to-use templates that students can use when they participate in the Seed Investigation. More templates, as well as Learning Strategies and Skill Look-Fors can be found in the Inquiry Section.

Skill: Planning

Skill: Predicting

Skill: Observing

Skill: Using Appropriate Vocabulary

Skill: Displaying Data

Skill: Recording

Skill: Concluding

Students with Tomato Plants

Extending the Seed Investigation

Inquiry Guide

Suggested Questions for Investigation with Tomatosphere™ Plants

    • How does the amount of water affect plant growth?
    • How does the duration of light affect plant growth?
    • How does the colour of light affect plant growth?
    • How do different types of light (e.g., natural light, fluorescent light bulbs, black light, etc.) affect plant growth?
    • How does the type of growing medium (e.g., soil) affect plant growth?

Reinforcing Key Concepts


Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Plant Growth and Changes

Grade 4

Role of Plants in Meeting Human Needs

Grade 4

Life Cycle of Plants

Grade 4 Grade 5

Biodiversity and Classification

Grade 6


Grade 6

Space Exploration

Grade 6

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